Auton stop working

i think its just that things dont work perfectly every time. maybe someone else has a idea but im pulling blanks.

Is this for VRC? Or IQ?
If it’s VRC,
Does the controller screen go red?

vrc the conntroller will go red unteal you press home then it will reset the timer

Do you unplug the controller from the computer right before running the auton?

most of the time we unplug it

You might want to checkout this topic, keeping it plugged in might fix it

Basically the controller is disconnecting from the brain because it it changing channels

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What about for when it disconnects during a real match?

While you are plugged into the tower controller?

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even we plugged into the tower it would some times stop. one time all 4 teams atoun stoped at the same time.

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help please state is soon.

That would be something wrong on the tower controller’s end

Does it affect driver control? Or just auton?

it affects both driver and auton.

Can you send a pic of where your robot radio is?

I can send it too you at about 2:30

Ok, and do the lights on the radio go to solid red when it disconnects or does it turn off?

wait I think I have a picture give me a sec


I think it turns solid red the radio i

is in the top right of the robot

I don’t know if this is just in my end, but the picture isn’t showing up