Auton Stops after 1 second

We’re using V5 Blocks and after one second our autonomous program stops we changed to a different code changed controllers and changed batteries and even tried another brain Here’s a picture of the code

Well your autonomous is only “spin flywheel. ” Put anything else you want in your auton under the when autonomous hat block.

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Your autonomous only spins your flywheel.
Some suggestions:
1: Change “When started” to “When driver control”
2: Modify what is supposed to happen in autonomous
3: Give your flywheel a time to stop/length of process
and, you don’t have to follow this fourth one:
4: Switch to C++. If there is a fundamental code error, it will show it. There are still draggable pieces, but it is more versatile in general overall.

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We found there was a problem with the project itself because when I created a new one it worked fine