Auton weight

Has anyone else noticed how much weight the autonomous bonus carries in the new game? I predict that if teams are against evenly-matched opponents, they will only be able to score in the twenties at most, meaning auton will make up around 20 - 30% of the score of the team that won auton.


Yes I would totally agree with you that this is going to be super important in two ways now the first being what you stated with this being a large amount of points in this game compared to TT. But also the fact that in this years game there it a bonus on the ranking if you secure your home row. I would totally agree that this year the autonomous period will be a lot more important than most years.


This year I feel like even if you don’t win the Auton bonus at the end of the round, you really need to get that home row filled. Because that bonus is very significant in the rankings.


Very true. And it will be difficult to get the home row filled in the qualifying matches, as you need to coordinate with your alliance partner to make sure the robots’ autons won’t interfere with each other

to combat this issue I plan on making multiple codes that will work with whatever my alliance’s robot does in Auton


There is also a raise in difficulty and the need to be flexible because you really need the auton bonus but you also need to win it for the match so I think this year you will have to put a lot more effort into your auton and many different versions of it.

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Each season auton seems to be more and more weighted. This year, if you lose auton it’s basically a death sentence.
To make up for the fact that you need to coordinate autons with a partner that far too often isn’t capable of any sort of productive coordination, I plan on having an array of different autons, including one that completes the entire home row myself, for partners that have no auton.


That was what I was planning to do too, just it will be really hard this year.

Not only is auton more essential than ever, it’s going to be difficult because we’re dealing with balls that could easily roll in different directions. We’re most likely going to have to figure out how to use the sensors reliably in order for it to be reliable.