Auton Win Point after DQ?

If the robot was to cross over to the other side of the field, resulting in a DQ, after it has scored a home row, can it still get the ‘Win Point’ in the 15s Auton?

I don’t believe so, but I think the alliance partner still does. In UC match play, if the winning alliance gets DQed, everyone except the offending team gets the WPs.

SG-2 in the game manual discusses robots crossing the autonomous line. It is normally not an automatic disqualification, unless some egregious violation takes place.

If a disqualification actually happens, then the result of the disqualification is defined under the definition of disqualification in the game manual.


I wonder if the OP means the automatic Autonomous Loss for crossing the Autonomous Line rather than a DQ. Yes, crossing the line does not mean an automatic DQ, but it does result in giving the Autonomous win to the opposing alliance. In that case, the violating alliance would still get the win point, I believe.

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I would think that was true, as the Q&A says “the Autonomous Win Point and the Autonomous Bonus are scored independently of each other”, however that doesn’t appear to be how they are scoring it in the HS Worlds LRT. It seems like they are saying if you cross the line in LRT you lose the auton bonus and get 0 points to go with it so you don’t keep even the Win Point. Wish there were some more official clarification on this, as I wouldn’t have thought they’d score it that way…


Look at Rule <T11>:

<T11> Disqualifications.
a. When a Team is Disqualified in a Qualification Match, they receive zero (0) Win Points, Autonomous Win Point, Autonomous Points, and Strength of Schedule Points.
i. If the Team receiving the Disqualification is on the winning Alliance, then Team s on the opposing Alliance who are not also Disqualified will receive the win for the Match and two (2) Win Points.
ii. If the Match was a tie, then each Team on the opposing Alliance (the Alliance that did not receive the Disqualification) will receive the win for the Match and two (2) Win Points.
iii.If both Alliances have a Team receiving a Disqualification, then all non-Disqualified Teams will receive a tie for the Match and one (1) WP.
Note:Autonomous Win Points are not given to teams that are Disqualified, and are not automatically awarded to the opposing Alliance.
When a Team is Disqualified in an Elimination Match, the entire Alliance is Disqualified and they receive a loss for the Match and the opposing Alliance is awarded the win. If both Alliances receive a Disqualification in an Elimination Match, both Alliances receive a loss and will play another Elimination Match to determine a winner.

Based on this, if a team / alliance is DQ’d for any reason in a match, they forfeit ALL Win Points and get all 0’s.

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Except it isn’t a DQ, it’s a warning… (T11) doesn’t apply.

Crossing the the line doesn’t mean an automatic DQ. Violations result in the auton bonus being awarded to the apposing alliance (SG6), but the game manual doesn’t appear to mention anything about the auton win point being tied to that. Later, in a Q&A, it is specifically said that these 2 things are scored independently. In fact, as far as I can tell… it specifically says that you can cross the auton line and thereby lose the auton bonus but still should be awarded the auton win point if applicable.


Fair point. That takes us back to <SG2>. I think the key words there are

Intentional, strategic or egregious violations, such as intentional contact with an opposing Robot while completely across the Autonomous Line, will result in a disqualification.

Intentional, strategic OR egregious. If the head referee believes it is being intentionally done for strategic purposes, he is fully within his authority to DQ the offending team.

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You are absolutely correct, and the OP was definitely asking about a case where the robot was given a DQ (although generally in LRT I think they wouldn’t get a DQ unless it was, as you mentioned, intentional / strategic / egregious). There are reasons a DQ could be given in this scenario, and if it is then I agree the win point is lost along with the auton bonus points.

My commentary was actually referencing the reply from @536Mentor, in which it was mentioned if they DIDN’T get a DQ but still crossed the auton line they should get the auton win point. I should have clarified that, sorry! The reason I wondered is because I noted this exact scenario being treated this morning as a loss of both the auton bonus points and the auton win point and I’m thinking that was an incorrect call based on what I’ve read, so I was trying to see what thoughts came up regarding why they might have called it that way.


In Qualifier 34 in Research B (which needs to be replayed anyway due to a technical glitch caused by an update), one team crossed the auton line but the emcee said they would still get the home row bonus.

This is what I think the rule should be, too, since crossing the autonomous line doesn’t affect whether you completed your home row (unless you were only able to complete it because you focused on that instead of staying on your side of the field), and this is how I would score it based on the current rules.


Agreed. The real issue, I think, is terminology. Throwing out the word “disqualification” (an official term with a serious consequence), when there is the misunderstanding about crossing the line always leading to a disqualification, when the actual result, that you simply forfeit the autonomous bonus, unless something really egregious happens. It’s an issue kind of like calling the referees “judges,” that students (and mentors, too) should be careful to use proper terminology of the game manual, no more, no less.