Auton with the SD card

Taran Mayer posted an amazing video about how to use a sd card for auton. I would like to thank him for this but I also have a few questions. Does it only work with VexCode? Can it work with VCS? I would like some more help with this.

The APIs used in VCS and VEXcode are very similar, the difference being that new features have been added to the VC API but not the VCS API.

I haven’t looked through @TaranMayer’s rerun code, nor have I memorized the list of which features are present in VEXcode but not VCS. But assuming the code in question doesn’t use any features that aren’t present in VCS, it should work fine.

However, at this point I think you (and everyone still using VCS) should strongly consider switching to VEXcode V5 text. VCS is no longer being actively supported or updated, and VEXcode V5 text includes a lot of quality-of-life features that make it much easier to use. In addition, switching is easy - your existing VCS programs will run in VEXcode, and VEXcode can import your existing VCS projects natively.


It would require you port it to VEXcode, but that should take like an hour max.