Autonomous and driver in same program (Open vex)

How can i have autonomous and driver in the same program in v5 blocks? I’ve tried everything I can think of but I’ll still can’t figure out how to do it. I can’t use a field tower controller since I’m in open

It can be done, our driver/programmer/builder, @Just_in1234567891011 did it and it worked fine.

There’s the driver control hat and the autonomous hat, put code under the autonomous hat for autonomous period, put code under the driver control hat for driver control period.


@Loco_25146A knows what to do. That’s probably what @Just_in1234567891011 did, but I’m not certain.

Put it in competition code like you would when using a field control tower with your auton under the “when autonomous” hat and your driver under “when driver control” hat. Then if you want to do it like an actual match just select timed run when you go start the program. If you just want auton go to programming skills, if you just want driver just press run.

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I’m in open so I can’t use those since I can’t use a field controller

You can use the controller to start the program in the programming skills setting.

There are options to launch Driver, 15 second Auton, and Skills on the V5 controllers but if that is not your preference you can create custom functions (My Blocks) for each and call them in any part of your code.

In the example below pressing X during driver control will start Auton.


Assuming you are in the “CREATE Open” program, the answer can be found on page 8 of the game manual:

(emphasis mine)

In VEXcode blocks, you could achieve this by having a “when bumper pressed” hat block that runs your autonomous routine.