Autonomous Auton coder

I heard via word of mouth that robot c has some dlc that records some driving controls and turns them into autonomous. Can someone give me the ho-down? Thnx

I’m pretty sure RobotC can’t do that, but I wouldn’t take my word for it. You might want to listen to some more posts though…

Well I know it exists because some teams were using it at a tournament in Michigan we were at and some people wanted to ban them for cheating. I’m more wondering if its dlc or how to get to it, and how it works. I know for sure the lines of code look vastly different from normal if that helps @Akira

This is called a replay code and there are multiple posts about them. You do have to code them yourself and they can be problamatic.

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Thanks, I didn’t know what it was called so I couldn’t find it. @Ethan W.

you’re good

It’s also called “rerun” and sometimes appears as “re-run”, though I don’t know if the hyphenated version is used in the VEX forum. I know the non-hyphenated version is.