Autonomous Bonus

We were at a competition, and the head ref was not giving out the cubes after every match. Although it does not say it in the game manual, he said that they were a 0-0 autonomous, and no one gets the cubes. It makes sense, but I never heard of it until the competition. Where does it talk about this?

I believe if it is a tie, each side gets 3 points and one cube… that is how it has been done at all competitions that I have been to.


That’s what I would have thought as well, but there were no points given out and no cubes handed out when no one scored.

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The only time no bonus should be awarded is if both alliances do something that should prevent them from getting the bonus, like violating <SG2> (per the Q&A @John_TYler posted).


There were no violations. No one scored, so technically the cubes should still have been handed out?

Yes, if no robots score any points or violate <SG2>, then the result of autonomous should be a tie and each alliance should receive 3 bonus points, 3 APs, and one bonus cube.