Autonomous Buttons use in Skyrise?

Can we use push buttons in the Autonomous mode during competition in Skyrise? I was reading the guidelines for Skyrise and the description for autonomous is different this year as compared to other years.

Skyrise <G8> …During the Autonomous Period Drive Team Members
are not permitted to interact with the Robot or the controls on their VEXnet Joysticks in any way, directly,
or indirectly. (e.g. Triggering sensors without touching the Robot is still illegal)

I Interpret this as;
You are not able to touch the robot.
A work around would be to activate an Autonomous program by way of a Ultrasonic Sensor.
The text in the parenthesis eliminates that as well.

Can somebody clarify this for me?

Yes, this is true. At our last competition we were not permitted to press a button to start our autonomous at all. There is absolutely no touching our moving your robot during autonomous at all. What we did to get around this was to use rubber bands to hold down the buttons prior to autonomous. Or you can use an LCD display to pre-choose your autonomous or a potentiometer selector. Hope that helps.

This has been asked in many many different ways on the official forums and EVERY time Karthik has said absolutely NO INTERACTION with the robot in ANY WAY during autonomous. No physical interaction, no button pushes, no turning remotes on and off…none of it!

They want autonomous to actually be autonomous this year! (which I agree with!)

What you can do to choose your autonomous is have a “preauton” routine which allows you to choose a code before the match actually starts.

Thank you very much for the responses and the suggestions. Our team was hoping to upgrade to buttons for our autonomous programs instead of downloading the desired program before each match. I guess we are a year to late. No big deal.

We have been unsuccessful in programming the LCD using the competition template. We are using the code provided by the Robotc Advanced application with VEX LCD page. We do not know how to separate the code so that it works between the two modes. pre autonomous and then autonomous. Can any of you shed some light on this subject?

An easier way to choose an autonomous routine without buttons is to use a potentiometer. You simply set the potentiometer to a value and have that value in the code run a certain routine. There are many examples of code on the forums of how to use a potentiometer for this.

This is an example of how you could use a potentiometer to select code

while(SensorValue[pot1] >= 0 && SensorValue[pot1] < 500)							
run autonomous 1
while(SensorValue[selector] > 500 && SensorValue[selector] < 1700) 
run autonomous 2
while(SensorValue[selector] > 1700 && SensorValue[selector] < 3000) 
run autonomous 3
while(SensorValue[selector] > 3000)
run autonomous 4

This is fancier than you need, but here is a cool example of how to make a nice fool proof selector switch out of a potentiometer.

Like I said before, you can still use buttons, by just strapping a rubber band around the button you want prior to the match. That is what we did last tournament and it worked just fine. It is a very simple and effective way of choosing autonomous. Last year we used a potentiometer selector, but it was very inaccurate sometimes, and messed up our autonomous. I think using buttons and rubber bands is the best way to go here.