Autonomous challenge 2016-2017

Hello! I have a question & I would be thrilled if someone from vex team could answer:
How is each team supposed to know if the robot will be placed on the right or on the left of the half-field? It could change the autonomous code to know if our robot will rather go on the right or on the pick to pick the cube for example.
Thank you & i really hope you will answer asap for the good of our team that is working on winning the national title.

Put simply, you dont. You need to write your code to be able to run on either side of the field. To toggle which side of the field youre on, you could use a jumper or an LCD program.

Theoretically, you could also ask your ally to start on a certain side, but this might not always work since you never know who your allies are.

I see, thank you very much:) could u just send me a libk for a LCD program? It could be great.
Thanks @StaticShadow

Another way for autonomous selection is the use of a potentiometer. You can mount one on the robot and then insert an axle to rotate to various positions and the reading from that selects your autonomous. You can also use a line tracker/color sensor to determine which color tile you are on and then a potentiometer to select if you are by the pole or not.

There are many ways to select from several autonomous routines. I know one team here in Indiana that currently has 4 distinct routines and will probably add more. This way, they can adjust based on their alliance partner and what they think the opposition will be doing.

Thank you! @blatwell