Autonomous Clarification: Tipping Point 22

Hey everyone, could someone clarify for me on autonomous for Tipping Point that if the bot grabs a yellow goal and moves it back to their side does that count as a point or not?

Also, does said bot have to release it or can it still be touching it?

If you still have questions, feel free to ask.


Please take a read of the scoring section of the game manual ( If you have questions after that, please post again…


as long as the robot has possession of the goal (can be touching it) and it crosses the home zone line, it counts. but it only counts for auton ( meaning it doesnt count in the end score unless you maintain possession of it and you get 6 points if that one mobile goal wins you the auton)

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It’s even worse when the answer provided is incorrect and misleading.


im sorry! i was in the middle of typing when i saw that someone else was responding. i didnt know you were posting the game manual. i was just trying to help…

I’m glad you did. Thanks for that!

Understand, but sometimes the best help is to “show someone how to fish” rather than just giving them a fish…


Or maybe instead of just posting what you did maybe you should assume one read the manual but still had the question. Thanks though!

see, thats nice, but i myself get annoyed when i look at a rule and dont understand it so i ask the fourm and someone redirects me right back to the rule i didnt understand

Thanks 74019Botherguy appreciate the help!

Sorry, but can’t make that assumption on the forums, too many RTM questions. If you include in your question a reference to a rule in the manual you’re asking about, then the type of answer you get on the forums will be dramatically different.


some times rephrasing for technical terms makes things more understandable

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Your welcome, though, Canute

Or maybe just drop the snarkiness eh? Not everyone is a god my guy, but alas, GLHF.

hey canute, i totally agree with you on this one, but now we are getting insulting in which posts that that will get flagged and in harsh cases moderators will get involved. i dont want that to happen. i understand where your comeing from but im looking out for you. online fourms and social media are so easy to get in trouble on


( i have had the same treatment done to me, thats why i tell you this)

Appreciate it! No insults here my friend! If that’s an insult I’d hate to see the other guy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

hold up! your from oklahoma???

so am i! im from verdigris. how come i havent see you at comps?

Well, last year (COVID) happened so we only went to one comp up at Claremore. We will be at Claremore and Haskell this year. :slight_smile: