Autonomous code behaves differently in matches

I made a thread similar to this one a few days ago, but I wanted to make this one to help clarify a few things and give more information.

I have an Autonomous program that works perfectly when started via the controller for testing. The second it gets started in a match, it does something random (drives infinitely forward for the autonomous included in this project).

I have basically zero way to debug this since I don’t have a way to get wireless debug data during a match, but I’ll attach my project file here in case anyone has any suggestions (warning: it’s quite a large amount of files). I used very similar code to this last year without issues. The only difference is my newly added support for IMEs for my Odometry (which is also my only task that is ever started).

I got a suggestion in my other thread to ensure I kill any tasks that run between competition states. I implemented the ability to kill the odometry task, so I ensure it’s only run during autonomous.

Here’s my project ZIP: (17.7 MB)

Thanks so much for any replies. This is really frustrating and completely kills part of our ability to be competitive.

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