Autonomous code inconsistent


I was wondering if you know why we run the same autonomous code multiple times and get different results must every time.

Thank you!

A lot of different things could be happening. Theoretically, you should be able to run your code and it will do the same thing every time. However, many things can make this not happen.

  1. Your robot could be built poorly allowing for inconsistent in your drive.

  2. Your robot could be set up wrong at the start of your run

These are the two main things that make automous inconsistent. However it could be helpful to post your code. Also, are you using V5 or Cortex?

If the drive motors are spinning at full velocity then it will be inconsistent because when it stops, the friction in the floor varies and over time, slight offsets occur throwing off your entire autonomous. If you decrease the velocity, there is less of a chance of sliding and slight misalignments and overall maximize the consistency.

do you use sensors or is it based fully off of timing?
battery can play a big part as well.