Autonomous code won’t work

So here’s my introduction, my name is Alex and I’m not a great programmer 1st year programming. (I use vex code v5, I think I now have vex code v5 pro)
So basically I got all my autonomous coding done(somehow) and it’s kind of trash I’ll admit it but when we went to the scrimmage no one got the autonomous working I think only one group that someone had a Harvard sweater or something. Then they said to change it to Bluetooth and change it to this and that still won’t work. So I’m just really worried if it would even work, like what do we do for the autonomous to get working… or am I just worrying too much

First of all do not use Bluetooth keep the v5 brain on VEXnet. Second if your autonomous isn’t working (assuming you use v5 pro) make sure your driver control code isn’t inside the
“Int main()” main loop. If it is put it inside a
“void usercontrol(void)” loop


Okay thanks! I’ll tell my team that info, hopefully it works

At least you should post your code.