Autonomous Code

Do you recommend going for the stars on the fence or the stars next to your robot for Autonomous code period?

Well scoring 1 star next to you is twice as effective as scoring a star off the fence. Don’t think in terms of points but rather in terms of point swing.
blue -2 red +2
is a 4 point swing

True, but you can probably knock more than on star off the fence in autonomous. Say you drive parallel to the fence and knock them all off:
blue: -1 for the preload into the near zone
red: +10 or more since they can often bounce into the far zone.

-1 and +2

I was stating this as an alternative to the previously stated plan of scoring the preload in the far zone. So I was assuming you couldn’t do that.

But still, -2 for getting it out of your far zone, then +1 for getting it in their near zone. 3 point swing total.

EDIT: Ah, nevermind. You meant the near zone on your side. My bad.