Autonomous Debugging?

I wrote an autonomous code in RobotC and wanted to test it. I have no Idea how to do that. Any help would be appreciated.


Have you tried running it on an open floor first? or on a field?
Could we see the code so we know what you’re testing?
I would love to help but we don’t have much information to go off of here.


Also were you not planning on using your robot (that you use in competition) for testing the autonomous?

By testing, do you mean compiling for errors, or seeing if the robot does what you want?

Actually out of curiosity do you not have a competition switch, provided that you are testing the actual autonomous?

We do not own a switch.

aahhh okay so that’s why you can’t test you’re autonomous,
By any chance do you have a vex programming cable, one that connects to the remotes?

Anyway I’m going to assume you have one of these or something along the sorts of it

What you need to do now is:

  1. After compiling, downloading, and cycling power, make sure the programming cable is still connected to the remote.
  2. Then in robot C go to the Robot tab, open the debugger manually, then go to debugger windows, and there should be one of the selections that says competition control, click on it, and it will give you competition control.

Use the programming cable into the joystick. It helps a lot. You can see what the variables are at any point in the robot C debugger.

The robot C site has a pretty good overview here:

To do autonomous, you select the Competition Control menu item and switch between disabled, autonomous, and user control from the debugger.

somewhat covered in here:

Another favorite debugger item is the debug stream (accessible by expert or super user menu levels). You can use the writeDebugStreamLine function to have text go to the debugger stream window. writeDebugStreamLine(“formatted string %d”, your_integer_varname_here)