Autonomous doesn't work driver does


for some reason my programming isn’t working driver control works but autonomous doesn’t

any help or suggestions would be helpful

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what exactly isn’t working?

the entire autonomous will not run a single motor
but the motors work in driver control

full problem

I believe when that in your program, it is never defined how long the motors should spin. Because of that, none of the motors will spin.

Does your program contain your autonomous and driver together?

Are you using a competition switch or just starting the program? Autonomous will only run with a competition switch unless you move the code to the “when started” or “driver control” for testing.


i am using the switch for both the autonomous and the driver the driver which has no programming works and the autonomous which does have programming doesn’t work

they are separate they are set up as when autonomous and when driver

The reason I ask is because if you have your driver and autonomous together then it would not work unless you the deactivate controller block.

Also, can I see all of your autonomous code? (If you allow me) I want to check something out.

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I believe that the reason that your program is not working is because you have all of the motors “spin” The only way for that to work is if you either predetermine the rate and amount of rotations the motor spins or you put the spin portion of it in a loop. To fix that while still using time, you could spin the intakes in a loop set for 3 seconds. That way, the program will run.
EDIT: Never mind, just realized that VEXcode blocks uses slightly different logic then what I had in mind.
vexcode help
Also, have you configured a remote in VEXCode?

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