Autonomous Fails

Hey guys, my first autonomuos sucked, it started spinning, crashed against a wall and flipped over. Yes, it was hilarious:D
Not to offend anyone but I think it would be fun to know what has been your best (worst?) autonomus fail.

Videos will be really appreciated.

Back in sack attack I selected the wrong code and scored for the other team.

Way back in round-up I was in the middle school division of the US nationals and both me and my alliance partner tipped over in autonomous. We won anyway because the other team scored too many strength points :smiley:

Back during Sack Attack, I can recall spending hours and hours (I was new to the whole programming thing) on an autonomous that would score the yellow sack in the high goal. When I used it in competition, I ended up scoring it for the other team. I guess that’s what I get for using time controlled functions and programming on an empty battery.

So, last year we had this monstrosity. At one tournament we were at we were having issues with the autonomous sometimes failing and we would end up in totally the wrong place, or end up stuck during the dismount, or whatever. So we decide during elims to just not run auto because it’s too risky.

So there we are at the end of auto still stacked, and our alliance partner is right in front of us. Not sure how, but the top robot destacks accidentally, lands on our partner, and we’re both stuck for the entire match, our opponents easily win because neither of us can do anything. This then happens, AGAIN, in the next match. Both times we managed to land on our partner and prevent them from scoring at all… Sorry team 1471A :o.

Needless to say the next few weeks were spent ensuring that would never happen again.

I would not by any means call that a monstrosity. That was my single definitive most favorite robot i have ever seen. I love it.

Oh, it was a fantastic robot, but I spent almost every waking hour not spent in class taming that beast, the thing was a monstrosity. We were still fixing issues Friday night in the hotel room at worlds.

My personal worst was writing an extremely risky and unstable auton in toss up… it starts in hanging zone and stashes two buckies. The worst parts are we can easily run into large balls and that the entire thing was timed… so, in the last match we lost last season, at state championship, our robot got stuck under the bar, all ten motors stalled, cortex PTC tripped and we stayed there for half of a match. And that was how we said goodbye to world championship qualification…

Back in Sack Attack, our lift was barely short enough to fit under the troughs. The autonomous that we had would put the sack pyramid in the trough and grab the sacks lined up under the trough and score them. This was the first year our programmer was new to his job. In one match in particular, our robot started to far forward, the robot still successfully scored the pyramid, however once it picked up the sacks under the trough it tried lifting up, bear in mind that we had an elevator lift. Due to the robot being too far forward, it started lifting and hit the trough, pushing it to the point of nearly shattering! I’d say that was probably our worst fail that I can remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

In toss up during a regional competition, when my robot went to stash the bucky ball, the bottom of the intake ramp that holds the buckyballs caught on the lip of the stash so after outtaking the ball, when the robot backed up(timed program) it couldn’t because it was caught, so when it ran the arm down it tipped itself by lowering the lift on the stash and essentially hanging itself on the stash and falling down on its back soon after. The worst part is that my anti tip almost propped it up, but since it only works downwards, and not horizantally(the robot was basicly angled back 70-80 degrees) so the anti tip just slid back into its deployment position.

Then theres this competition when i forgot to place my rubber bands on the side rollers properly and this happened: I spent half the match trying to fix it, but never did.

This is a match with the robot acting as it should:

Mine isn’t quite as damaging as everyone else because the robot was okay… But in the 2013 World finals I ran the wrong color D:

I have made some bad ones like for example I got stuck on the bump, or hanging yourself on the 12 inch barrier and killing 4 motors and 4 motor controllers. With a day left till regionals. We were up at 6 a.m the day of it trying to fix that.

I’m stunned that I didn’t see this robot until today. This match ( is beautiful. I love the robot and the strategy.

Karthik was distracted by 1417A… :smiley:

I love how we can see you walk by in the video.:slight_smile:

Karthik is everywhere.

This suddenly seems kinda lame compared to the rest, as it didn’t destroy anything :stuck_out_tongue: but our programmer tried to chuck the Skyrise section into the Skyrise base–and almost made it several times! Unfortunately it never actually succeeded, so we scrapped the basketball idea and went with actually placing it into the base. It made for a good laugh, though, several times!

Just went to a competition and suffered our worst autonomous D:
Went ahead and scored a cube on the low post near the starting tile. Somehow the arm lowered and got stuck on the post. The robot then continued its program and tried to go backwards but th post wouldnt let it. To make things worse, the arm continued to lower.

By the end of the autonomous all of the shaft were either broken or baaaadly twisted. Being the programmer, I hung myself.

Ha, I didn’t even notice that at first glance. Now I’m even more upset that I missed watching this robot in person considering how close I was. The hardest part of Worlds for me is not having time to get a close look at all the top level robots. Just too much going on and not enough hours.

We should make worlds a day or two longer :slight_smile:


Just throwing out there though that us college students would be even more screwed missing more days of class. My school has 7 week terms so missing a whole week is very very noticeable.

This isn’t really a fail as it was pretty cool, but watch what happens with the blue autonomous. We push the far big ball down, the other team shoots a big ball into the scoring zone. However, it bounces off the big ball on the ground and back onto the bar structure!

(and then we miss the stash, so there is the fail part…)