Autonomous for Turning Point

What autonomous programs are teams using this year?

ones that score points for the alliance I am on

You’re a genius!!!

I am thinking for my team we start with our robot aiming at the flag, it shoots the ball, maybe it gets a cap or two, then it parks.

I think most teams that can do cap only are doing cap + park autons, but shooter bots seem to just be trying to get consistency down for flag toggling at this point.

A 4 flag and 2 caps flipped auton should be good for mid season20180929_171616.jpg

for early season we are shooting the middle flag and hitting the low flag then driving onto the platform

I think a standard program is to make a program to hit the bottom flags and park on your platform. Keep in mind you only have 15 seconds. That isn’t much to go off of. In terms of skills, I would expand a WHOLE lot more. But for the autonomous period in the match, that’s all you can accomplish.

Theres a youtube video I saw where they shot their preload to the middle flag, drove into the low flag, backed up and turned and hit the low middle flag, then backed up and took care of the two caps near the flags. It was pretty impressive.

You beat mine by 1 point ;(

Lol when ur auton actually works

Sabarrett328- What video was this? Could you leave a link?

All done by 1 robot?
Thats impressive.

I’d have to dig through YT again. It was a tournament in China. I’m just getting home. I’ll look again in a bit.

We’ve tried and seen a few programs in Australia this year.
Most first year teams are just doing a simple forward code where they will either angle to park or simply get a low flag. Obviously, this is nothing that great but it does work for new teams for easy points.
We’ve tried our best to get an 11pt auton which starts from the back tile, picks up a second ball from a nearby cap, returns to a shooting position, shoots a preload, changes velocity on PID, shoots the second preload, then parks on the 3pt platform.
Two flags + Alliance Park = 11, and if our teammate does the aforementioned drive forward into a low cap we can average a score of about 13 in auton.

Alternatively, you can just shoot a flag with a preload than alliance park.
In reality, I feel a 7pt + auton is sufficient for this time in the season.

EDIT: This is as an individual robot, not as an alliance, if you had an alliance partner who was able to toggle other flags it would be much more overpowered.

As 240p said, for the close to flag position you should be doing all three flags and 2 caps. If you start in the far from flags zone try to hit a middle flag, flip the two caps and park. Scoring caps on poles in auton is not worth the time, at least for now.