Autonomous Going Wrong

Hi! I need help on my autonomous. I think I wrote it correctly but it is acting weird. I have attached a video of all my code, a screenshot of the autonomous section, a video of how the autonomous is supposed to look like, and what it currently looks like. The videos might be stretched out
Screenshot of Autonomous Code.PNG.jpg

I don’t see any of the attachments…

let me repost them

did u see it

Yeah it attached this time. I don’t really see anything inherently wrong with your code based off of the screenshot so could you go into some more detail about what’s going wrong with it and what it’s supposed to be doing?

Oh, never mind sorry. We did not figure out the problem, but we decided to use a different autonomous type. We did one that would have the line:

motor[rightbasemotors] = 127;
motor[leftbasemotors] = 127;

It works much better for us, thank you though!