Autonomous heavyweight sumo using Vex controller

My team is currently working on an autonomous heavyweight sumo robot for the National Robotics Challenge. We are making a custom built robot using the Vex micro, 4 vex ultrasonic sensors and 3 vex line sensors. I have a few questions regarding the ability of the controller and some coding.

  1. First of all, does anyone know if the vex controller can be used for that purpose; that is, running an autonomous robot without any use of rx transmission.

  2. Secondly, I downloaded a trail copy of EasyC Pro and wrote a rather long piece of code that basically incorporated all 4 vex ultras and 3 line sensors. The basic flow of the program was that I would take a reading with the first, if nothing comes up, then take a reading with the second, and if nothing comes up then take a reading with the other one and so on. All of that is in a “While” loop that takes a reading from the line sensors. If the line sensors trip, then it jumps to another piece of code.

What I wanted to know was if there was someone experienced in coding who could look over my code and see if it makes sense, since I wrote the code without having the actual robot. And also if there was any way of simplifying my code.

Please respond and I will send you the code if you want to help

I would really appreciate all the help I can get on this,
Thanks in advance
Sumo (20.7 KB)

  1. The vex controller is ABLE to run fully autonomous without any input from the Vex radio controller.

  2. Just post your code as an attachment or as a post and all of us will take a look at it.


Note: Remember that only 4 ultrasonics can be used at a time on your robot because you only have 4 Timers available in the micro-processor.

I have uploaded the code, so hopefully that helps. I really do not know too much about functions, and I’m guessing they would have saved me a lot of time.