Autonomous Help

For the autonomous code in the competitions, do you need sensors and stuff or are you able to just put in your autonomous section of your code something like motor[frontWheel] = 127; for x amount of time, and keep adding code o the robot will do what you want. Thanks

You could just use time. You’ll find time isn’t very consistent, though. It’s much better to use sensors. However, if you have no sensors hooked up and are in a rush, it’s still nearly always better to have something running for autonomous than to just sit there. So if you don’t have time/equipment/whatever, sure, use the timer.

When using the timer, take its inconsistency into account. For example, if you know you’re on a given path to a mobile goal, maybe you run forward a little extra to guarantee hitting it, even if that sometimes means you push it for a while.

got it thanks so much

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