Autonomous idea

Hello, forum people.

I want to ask a opinion about autonomous strategy of lift bots, especially six bar.

My robot is six bar, and may able to lift one or two cubes.

I knew six bar is not better than tray bot in autonomous period, but I cannot think best autonomous strategy.
Is there good strategies for autonomous period of six bar robots?

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The lift isn’t everything, it should be capable of anything a dr4b would do (at least in autonomous) what really matters is what is at the end of the lift. A passive intake? A large claw? A small claw? A tray? Something hitherto undreamt of? If you can pick up multiple stacked cubes at once, I would suggest going for the stack of 4, and if you have time, the stack of 3, and try to score it in the large goal zone.

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push the preload in and stack on top of it it adds 1 more piond and u dont have to pick it up

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Tower, maybe?
But then again the gains in points are negligible unless multiple cubes are stacked during auton.


What @Railgunawesome said.

If you know your partner could score same color as preload into the goal, then try to put preload into tower and push another cube into goal zone.

But if partner or your tower play is iffy then what @Avonderweidt said.

If it works it is easy two points.


You could make an attempt to get the four stack on the protected goal side, but if your claw can’t hold it don’t go for it.

I have that with a traybot