Autonomous importance?

How important do you think autonomous is for the chances of winning?

  • Is important
  • Not important

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autonomous is always important, this year even more so. 12 pt swing is huge, and so is the head start you can get from auton.


Autonomous is one of the most important things in the game


Then what point autonomous is good?

  • 1 pt
  • 2pt
  • 3pt
  • 4pt
  • 5pt

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more than 5 if you can. the higher the better, most I’ve seen is 9 pts


Doing good for auton will never give a disadvantage in the game.


near the unprotected zone, there are two straight lines of cubes, you are practically guaenteed 8 cubes, preload + 3 + 4 and you can score it. its pretty easy money

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Money? Yes. Easy? NO.


EDIT: I didn’t link to the right video of our autonomous, I fixed the link and here it is in plain text:

If your autonomous stacks 5 in the unprotected zone while protected by the autonomous line then you don’t have to risk stacking there when the driver control portion starts and you lose protection. After we ran our 5 stack autonomous we would immediately start using multipliers and move over to the protected side and stack. Essentially, 1/3 of the stacks we could do were already completed before the driver portion started so we had extra time for defense and towers.

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getting a tall of a stack as possible in the unprotected zone is an excellent way to begin a match.


How is it a 12 point swing?

6 points if you win, 6 to your opponent if you lose.

I don’t want to derail this thread, but when one team gets the autonomous bonus, the difference in the points only changes by 6. Last year, flipping caps (on poles) and (high) flags were a 4 point swing, because when you changed the color, you were taking away 2 points from the other team, and giving yourself 2 points. With this year’s autonomous bonus, you are not taking away anything from the other team.

see, if you win you get 6 points, but if you lose, your opponent gets 6. that’s a 12 pt swing. say a match ends, and its blue - 12 red-12, a tie. blue won auton, so 6 of those 12 points belong to them. if they had lost, then red would have 6 more points, and they would have 6 less. so it’d be 6 to 18.


If u lose auton u r immediately behind and u and ur team will start to frantically panic cause u having to do overtime cause the other team got those extra points so u trying ur best to get them to stop scoring while u try to get some points on the board

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