Autonomous in Driver Control

Hello Vex Community,
I have a question regarding easyC and RobotC progamming.
Is it possible to, during driver control, program a button on the joystick to be pressed and, like in autonomous, a series of tasks be carried out by the robot?
Can this be accomplished in either easyC or RobotC?
Thanks for any feedback

Yes. Simply write the code as you would in autonomous, setting motor values without reading the joystick.

This does not relate to the question at hand.

@Peter_Bison1 asked if an autonomous-like routine can be programmed to run during driver control upon the press of a button, completely legal and unrelated to the autonomous period and its rules.

So just to build on what @puzzler7, stated, it would be something like this:

if(vexRT[Btn5U] == 1) {
//code to be run

Don’t make too many things autonomous, as there are a lot of factors that could mess you up. Talking from experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Our plan is to make a couple simple movements be as fast as possible by preprogramming actions into buttons.
Thanks for all the help everyone, it is very much appreciated.

Or at least have failsafes. :wink:

Our 6430(A) team had number of helpful automated routines for last year’s starstruck. For instance, one would determine the load in the claw as it went to throw so that it would release the load at an optimal angle for distance. That particular team basically used autonomous routines as a “2nd” driver.

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