Autonomous Inaccuracy?

My team just went to our first competition of this season, and I noticed something odd. This year most of the teams had really high scoring programs, but they ended up being very inconsistent compared to other years. I know that this year’s game has many more elements that can move, but I was wondering if all of the elements were causing the autonomas programs to be inconsistent. Because in some of the matches teams were able to score a couple of cubes, but in finals, all of the teams aton failed. I noticed the same inconsistency with my aton as well. Because last year my aton was very consistent and only failed like once at states. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just coincidence?

It’s likely because one has to be pretty precise to intake cubes this year while last year if you run into a cap with your intake it’ll flip over and the ball will more than likely be intaked.


Autons right now are inconsistent in my region but I think that’s because they are always inconsistent in Michigan around this time :stuck_out_tongue:
For me I think autons are easier this year because a decent 5 or 6 cube auton just moves fwd back turns and goes fwd. The main inconsistency I’ve seen is cubes falling because the don’t nest on top of each other like cones.


I have had a problem when my aton picks up the 5th cube by the unprotected zone, the last cube somehow rotates in my tray, so I can’t place the stack. It rotates so instead of the bottom of the cube being parallel with the ground, the corner faces the ground.


Try adding walls to the side of your tray to prevent that or intake the last cube less so it sits in your intakes instead of resting on them. Or slow down your intakes for the last cube so that there is less of a chance of that happening.