Autonomous interaction rule

I have read the manual and I can not find any thing about not touching the robot during autonomous like in toss up.

There isn’t anything. The current rule only mentions touching the robot during driver control. People have tried making posts asking about it in the official forum, but there have been no clarifications as of yet.

I’m going to assume that touching it will not be allowed, because I believe it has always been mentioned in the rules if it is allowed. For example, rule SG5 from Gateway.

In Round Up, the description of Autonomous Period stated specifically that human interaction was not allowed.

In this year’s Skyrise manual it does not. However, I still think it won’t because of the part I’m going to bold and underline.

We’ll that cripples my autonomous from six to two.:mad:

Just note that my response is not official. I could be completely wrong and interpreting it wrong. We don’t have an official response from VEX yet.

In that case, fairly certain there’s no repositioning. And I say that’s good.

I’ve heard people saying you get 2 repositions.

The 2 repositions is for programming skills.

That is only during the programming skills challenge.

I am happy to see human hugging getting eliminated in autonomous…

Let’s bring back that 1103 legend, that double sonar plus gyro auto-reposition system! Ment to be a great year’s game between programmers! We are just struggling to fill up our sensor ports properly. Probably three line trackers, one gyro, two potentiometers for our scissor lift balancing, two quad encoders, two sonars, and few limit switches. Fire programming up guys!

Hmm, if I’m not mistaken 1103 did not have a gyro sensor on his robot. I believe his sensors were ultrasonic (x2), quadrature encoders (x3), line followers (x4), potentiometers (x2), limit switch (x2).

Regardless, I’m very happy to see that no human interaction is allowed in the autonomous period!

Actually I did not mean that 1103 used gyroscope. In round up and gateway a lot of teams have the double sonar reposition, for example vexmen nightclawer. I am really inspired by the programming work and I plan to do it this year.

What is a double sonar reposition?

Using ultrasonic sensors and control loops to program the robot to position itself at a relatively precise position for accuracy in following programs.

Not necessarily ultrasonic, this year gyroscope and line tracker can also be used in self repositioning.

Edit: We plan to use this in driver control’s skyrise building also!

I am thinking of investing in a precise and fast program using the gyroscope, line sensors, and such that will build the entire skyrise, part in autonomous and part running through the beginning of driver control. If I can get it down to <3.5 seconds per skyrise section, then it will be worth it to run it driver control.

Skyrise built in 12 seconds of driver control! That means with an ally helping, and 16+whatever you ally makes winning autonomous, you could have 70 points in the first 25 seconds of driver control. I suspect that the winning alliance at worlds, though, will not use that strategy :cool:

You do know that if you can place the first skyrise section in 3.5 seconds it will take more time to place the next one because you have to lift higher each time.

Not always the first one you would have to lower lift and second keep it the same. That’s how it is for me.:confused:

Also, if you raise your lift as you are turning/positioning your robot to place the next Skyrise, you shave a lot of time off and reduce the increase in time from the higher lift. Since you barely have to move at all and you would be making small, precise motions anyways tipping shouldn’t be too much of a problem even if you are still maneuvering when your lift is at max height.

It’s all about fluid motions - doing as many things at once smoothly to reduce time over doing each step separately. Unless one motion MUST be completed before the next one starts, there’s no reason to have your bot do one, then the next, then the next, and so on. Just do all of them at once. Have your robot grab the Skyrise and begin turning as soon as the lift is high enough that the section is clear of the Autoloader. Continue raising the lift to the required height, and, if necessary, use ultrasonics to check the height of the tower. At higher heights, your bot may finish aligning slightly faster than it finishes lifting, so you will have to have it stop momentarily to allow the lift to get all the way up first. Then take the smallest motion possible afterwards to get into position and drop the Skyrise in place. The whole process only has to take about long as your single longest action, maybe slightly more. If you can lift to 60" in 3 seconds, you could feasibly score each Skyrise section, on average, in 3.5 seconds or less. Assuming 1.5sec average time for lifting (0sec at lowest and 3sec at highest) and a total of 2 seconds to grab and drop the Skyrise (1sec grab, 1sec drop), it’s possible to average 3.5 seconds, and probably less.

Screw all that stuff. Code an AI for everything!:smiley: