Autonomous issue

Sometimes when I go to run my autonomous skills program, the robot, instead of running the program, just goes forward picks up a block and keeps going infinitely. This is not a program I have ever written, nor is it a version I ever created of the current program. It only happens randomly. Does anyone else have this problem or know why this is? I am using v5 equipment and coding in vexcode text.

Could you post the code for the autonomous you are trying to run?

It happens for any program I try to run in autonomous.

Hmm, I’ve never had this issue. Do you have any sensors or strange loops in your autonomous that you use? That’s all I can think of without seeing the program itself.

I don’t currently have the program with me so I can’t post it right now, but I am not currently using sensors. I don’t think I have strange loops? They are all pretty standard.

It’s definitely worth posting any of your programs.

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