Autonomous Layout ideas

There has been a thread like this most years for most games. What are some ideas for the autonomous that you and your team have?

My idea is just to go for the win point, so start by facing the goal, and when auton starts, just shoot the 2 preload discs. Then we would go to the roller on our side and spin it. With any remaining time, we will collect 2-3 more discs to get ready to go. We will have an auton for both sides like this.

10+ disc low goal auton:

4+ high goal auton:


You might want to use the remaining time to score the other roller. Not everyone will have an auton at the beginning of the season, and of course, you need to score both rollers to get the AWP.
An Autonomous Win Point is awarded to any Alliance that Owns two (2) Rollers and has Scored at least two (2) Discs in their Alliance-colored High Goal at the end of the Autonomous Period.

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I was thinking about this, but my issue is what if they are in the way, and push us out of the way, and possibly onto the other side, forcing us to lose auton. We could just make a separate program that goes and gets it if they get out of the way.

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My region is relatively weak so what I’ve had to do in the past throughout Tipping Point is win the awp by myself and ask the other team to not run and auton. If you are partnered with a team who cannot spin one roller in auton then having then run nothing at all shouldn’t be giving up too much. I would definitely write at least two autons, one assuming your teammate gets a roller and one where they do not.


My idea for this year is to start next to one of the rollers, score it when auton starts, then go along the auton line and shoot my preloads, as well as picking up a few more disks. Then I would score the second roller.

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Our team’s 3 autonomous programs:


I can only say that that is spectacular. That last one is something I’ve been trying to do for ages. Good luck at worlds. :grinning: