Autonomous Length Change for Vex U

This year for Vex U the autonomous portion is 45 seconds long and when I try to test it with the Timed run, it is only 15 seconds. How would I go about changing that or should I not be testing it through the Timed Run?

You can use a competition switch. Alternatively, if your program runs the entire time, you could put a loop that is a function of 45 seconds. You could then add a statement at the end of your auton that would end the loop, ensuring that the program will end appropriately.


The TImed Run functionality of the V5 controller is setup with VRC teams in mind, I don’t think there’s a way to change it to work for VEXU’s 45 second autonomous. You really should be using a competition switch to test your runs.

If you do not have access to one, running it as a programming skills match, which allows for 1:00 runs, and keeping in mind that your run needs to stop at 15 seconds may be helpful.