Autonomous Mode

For the autonomous mode and programming challenge, how will we load our programs onto our robot? Will we have a cord that connects the robot and the computer, or is there some kind of wireless connection that we will have to load? If there is a wireless connection needed, please specify how to do it. Thanks!

Take a look at this product

I tried to use the product you showed to connect wirelessly. It did not connect when i tried to use RobotMesh. Is there a certain software needed for wireless or does RobotMesh just not work wirelessly?

alternatively, if you are simply testing Autonomous, just load autonomous through the USB cable and keep the computer/laptop connected, without connecting the joystick. Then when the program has been compiled you can press Start and it will run Autonomous.
If you are asking how it will work during the competition, when you compile it into the competition program, the field calls out the autonomous mode and competition mode separately. So you don’t need anything different than the controller.
Hope this helps

I guess I am confused when you say you are using RobotMesh. RobotMesh is a company that sells things and they are an authorized reseller of official VEX parts. RobotMesh is not a programming software. In order to help you, it would be good for you to be much more specific about exactly what actual programming software you are using. Many of us would be willing to help in that case. Right now, we don’t have enough information.

I assumed he meant the slow robotmesh python programming environment.

I would suggest downloading ROBOTC. I do not know the limitations of the python environment but they do exist and you will have trouble getting support for it on here.