Autonomous not working

when i try to run my autonomous it does not want to run the program to move forward, it only runs my first lines of code until that. so currently it only lifts the tray and thats it. i need help, also its in vexcode block if any of yall know. my cortex is up to date and all.

Could you please send your code so we could look at it to see what is wrong?

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Do you have anything afte ryour statement to move forward? Are you using the compeittion template? Screenshots would be helpful.

Please, be aware that if you instruct your lift to go to certain position with rotateTo() statement and you didn’t set the last argument of wait for completion to false, then if motor cannot get to exact position it will wait forever blocking all subsequent statements from execution.

You can call motor.setTimeout() to specify how long it should wait before giving up and moving on to the next statement. Or you can set the last argument waitForCompletion to false.



It also keeps showing this when I go to download my skills challenge

Please help!!!

For the download error, I would check your robot configuration in the config tab and make sure everything is accounted for and set up the way you want it. As for the other issue with your autonomous stopping, I like to put debug lines in my code when I am running into errors. These can be as simple as printing a number to the brain or controller screen that corresponds to the position of the debug line in your code. I suggest sprinkling some print lines in your code and see where it stops. That will give you an idea as to where you’re encountering a problem.


i know where its messing up, its where it has to start moving forward, i tested it line by line and when it got to that it didn’t move.

Is that the last two blocks in your picture where your robot moves forward?

I actually ended up figuring it out but thank you though

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