Autonomous pathplanner for vex

Hi guys!
I design an Autonomous Pathplanner for our team, and now I make it open-source!

It can:

  • Plan & draw path with GUI
  • Generate autonomous codes
  • Calculate based on absolute coordinates

Visit it on my github and have fun with it:


Please can u make a tutorial? I dont know how to install thw software, thanks bro

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Hi, from the looks of things this looks like a very good program that I would really like to use. However, I cannot launch this program as it comes up with the following error message


From my understanding, this refers to the fact that code references this folder and the program cannot find it. Upon looking further I can locate the file all the way to “net.6.0-windows”. After I open this folder there is nothing inside and the problem is not fixed when I redownload the files. I’m using a school laptop so I cannot download any other softwares to open the file apart from Microsoft Visual Studio, if you could reply or make a tutorial on installing and using the program it would be great.

Team 4613K

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Actually there are two choices to install the program

First, you can directly download the release version from here:[Download Link]
(Tags · qiufuyu123/QPathPlanner · GitHub)

Second, compile the program from source codes. You can clone the codes from github, and build it with Visual Studio (Remeber, install C# development and .net6)

Team 123A

I have wrote detailed tutorial in the Github Page :slight_smile:

Thanks for the instructions on how to install it. I’m still stuck after installing the QPathPlanner from the Github page. I chose to install it directly and once opening it in Visual Code, I do not know how to continue, I gathered that I need to select a start up item and run it. However, I cannot seem to find it. Your help is greatly appreciated and if we can figure this out I hope to make a video tutorial for others.


Here is a short video that may help you figure out how to download & install.

If there are still some problems, please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]

If you just want to use rather than modify its source codes, the post is end now.

If you want to build it from source codes, make sure you have installed Visual Studio 2022, C# devlopment and .net6

Then, clone the source codes from github.

Run the codes below in the cmd.exe
git clone [email protected]:qiufuyu123/QPathPlanner.git

OR Download the zip here
Source code

( TIPS: You should learn some C# and winform programming basic before coding)

Thx for supporting
Team 123A


Thank you very much. Unfortunately I cannot use this program as my school administrator has blocked the opening of external applications. Regardless, thank you for taking time out of your own life to help someone. I’m sure this program will find its ways to VRC Worlds ad that it help many people.

Thanks from team 4613K

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Hi, this looks like a very good tool, but I was just wondering what language the output code is in, and if it defines the functions given or not (ik you can change the names, but I want to know if I need to define the functions first or not). Specifically, I am using PROS, and I wanted to know if it would work with c++ (it looks like pretty generic functions though but just in case, since it is coded in c# (which I also know how to use) but there doesn’t seem to be any c# coding for vex). Thank you!

The output codes consist of ONLY c++ function calls, such as

The only requirement for your codes is: you should implement drive forward and turning functions.

You can modify the format of the output codes as you wish by editing config.txt (read instructions on the github page).


Thank you, and I will definitely be checking this out, it looks really cool!

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