Autonomous period question

I couldn’t seem to find any written rules to answer this. Is ownership of goals a factor in scoring the auto period? Exe. is two blocks in two goals the same as two blocks in one?

Goals are scored normally: one block in one goal is worth six points. One block in each of two goals is worth 12.

Thanks. The game manual only said it went by most cubes scored.

You scared me there for a second. Here is the relevant section from the manual:

• A cube that is scored in a goal is worth one (1) point for the alliance of the color of the cube.
• A high goal that is owned is worth five (5) points for the owning alliance.
• A bonus cube that is controlled is worth five (5) points for the controlling alliance.
• A robot that is parked at the end of the match is worth five (5) points for the corresponding alliance.

Scoring in Autonomous Mode
• At the end of the autonomous period, the alliance that has more total points excluding the bonus cube receives a five (5) point bonus.

I was reading one that i had printed out a while ago. I dont think it is complete.

Actually, I dont think owning goals in elevation is relevant.

Why in the world not? Every match, literally EVERY MATCH, at the regional we recently competed in came down to who had ownership of the most goals.

If one alliance scores every single cube of their color, wins autonomous, owns the bonus cube, and parks on the platform, and the other alliance caps every goal with one cube, the second alliance would win. While this situation is unlikely, it stresses the importance of goal possession.

There is also that other way to score points, put cubes in a corner.

But seriously, ownership of a goal is key.

Sorry, I didn’t specify.
I meant owning them at the end of autonomous isn’t, owning them at the end of a match is very vital to winning. Sorry for not clarifying my point.

For the outcome of the driver control it might not matter what you owned during autonomous, but those points for winning it can make a difference. I know that Syntax is going to try to get as many points possible during autonomous.

My thoughts exactly, I was a little misconstrued back there.:smiley:

Just a heads up to reidloS doG, scoring cubes in the corner is fine and easy, but you can’t own one either, and you miss out on that bonus 5 points. Officials made that my mistake at my district.

Silly goose