Autonomous plans

There been talk on scoring and designs for lifts and intakes but not much on autonomous. Like last year the 10 point bonus is going be important. So what your plans? I’m thinking good robots should be able to build 2-3 Sr sections while the other puts cubes on the SR or post but thats just me. So just give me some general plans you have.

We’re planning on making autonomouses for pretty much any situation, i.e. any partner, any opponent, or any strategy. #30byworlds

I need to respectfully disagree: I did not find the autonomous bonus to be that important last year. However I do agree it will be extremely instrumental for winning this year, especially at higher levels.

yeah 2 large balls in the goal zone, or 2 buckies in the tubes erase the bonus rather quickly this year.

But you have to remember that it was 10 points if you got it or it was 10 points if your opponents got it, so it was in essence a 20 point swing. (Ignoring the few times that autonomous was tied)

I think the autonomous bonus is going to come down primarily to who can build the higher Skyrise, and I foresee teams actually completing the skyrise in high level play. Tie breaking points would probably come down to scoring on the skyrise using the preload and preparing for driver control.

the robot on the other tile will probably have a more difficult time in autonomous however. Traditionally, that could either be gaining game pieces for a fast driver control, or scoring on the easiest goal post (which is probably the one closest to the tile, or the low post with tape). Scoring on the low post gives you better strategic positioning however.

of course, for first competitions, I can see teams dump their preload and slide a nearby cube into the tile and win half of the autonomous bonuses

I think you have gone crazy. How many matches did you win/lose by the autonomous bonus (10 points). The autonomous bonus was HUGE last year and will be the same this year (maybe not as big though).

Something you have to remember is your ally. I expect to see many instances where both bots move forward at the beginning of autonomous and smash into eachother.:smiley:

The autonomous bonus will be the game-changer this year just as buckyballs have been the game changer for last year.

While building on the skyrise to actually win autonomous will be important, it’d be nice to have an alliance score and own the lower posts during this period so that you could get a lead in post ownership.

Also, you’re pretty much screwed if you miss a skyrise section during autonomous.

Nah… That’s easy

I can also see robots falling during autonomous being a problem

It depends on how your Skyrise-building program works - if you drop one but your bot is using sensors to find the top of the Skyrise, you’re fine. If you are doing some kind of PID-type thing on your lift and running to preset heights, you’re toast.

Given the difficulty of stacking the Skyrise sections accurately and tipping problems, I expect that having your robot bristling with sensors will help a lot this year. I’m not sure that PID control is going to cut it for certain things, particularly if you are using IMEs and turbo gears at the same time -you’ll have very few ticks per revolution, cutting your precision by a lot.

I think he means by dropping the skyrise section on the ground, and your claw can’t pick it up anymore. Of course my skyrise section claw will be able to pick up dropped sections on the floor.

About the tipping issue, i wonder if anyone has looked at team 400x. Their scissor lift bot is a beauty, though slow. But their antitip system is one of my favorites–i am brain cadding one of those right now.

Just like EVERY OTHER YEAR, Autonomous is important.

Because the Skyrise is so important to this year’s game, I plan on spending a bulk of time building it in autonomous.

Except Sack Attack… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think though for Toss Up Autonomous became particularly important at the highest level because all the so similar that at a certain point nobody could make up for a strategic or 10pt lead at the start of the game. I think that this year even if the robots aren’t all the same, at the highest level every one is going to have a tall Skyrise, and it takes a lot more cubes than your opponent to make up for the bonus. However, I don’t think there will be as much of a strategic advantage to autonomous as there was last year trying to claim the cylinders unless starvation strategies start to catch on. In that case people may end up going for lower scoring routines, just to ensure possession of the pyramid.


Dont reveal all my plans :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :rolleyes: :cool:

All I meant was the autonomous bonus was much easier to recover from. All you had to do was have your partner go straight to your opponents stash with 2-3 bucky balls while you worked to fill up your own stash. This year won’t be that easy.

As we got later into the year, we began to win more matches regardless of autonomous. This happened during quite a few of our matches at Worlds.

Oh yea I forgot, you were in the Science Division…

The autonomous bonus was HUGE against teams like: 4252A, 2915A, 7793R, 7973A, 2059A etc. Because teams were so evenly matched, and both had good strategy, the autonomous bonus was a huge deal.

Sometimes you didn’t have the option to “have your partner go straight to your opponents stash with 2-3 bucky balls while you worked to fill up your own stash.” A lot of times they were already at your stash, or they were both sitting next to their stash getting ready to stash buckyballs. Against hard-core powerhouse teams, that autonomous bonus was HUGE. When I attended the US Open I didn’t think autonomous would be huge; I was wrong. It was crazy how many matches were won by less than 10 points.

Early in the year I think the auto bonus will be easy to overcome (maybe Now-Dec.). Once we get into January it will be a lot harder to overcome.

Maybe I should just text you Luke…?

There were many good teams in the science division. I will say though that there were matches we should have lost, but we won because our opponents had absolutely no strategy.

And yeah I’ll text you later or we can facetime or something

Shhhhhhh! the pyramid will basically control the game once we get later into the season because that’s where a ton of the cubes are.