Autonomous Plans?

As I begin programming my bot and getting my plans/code finalized, I was wondering what all of you guys had in terms of an Autonomous. No need to post your code, but I thought it might be interesting to talk about autonomous plans and concepts.

Mine, right now, is to drive and shoot the 3 stars near the starting zone, and then use a custom hitting system to hit all the stars off the fence. How about you guys?


We’re also trying to get those crispy 12 points, but due to the fact that we have about 2 weeks before our first competition, we might prioritize just finishing our actual hanging mechanism vs doing that and having trust in my code to have it hang while we don’t control it. If the latter happens, then we probably will go for a 3-Star dump and come back down for another 3-Star dump. Quick points plus some stars on the fence will also get knocked down.

I’ve put 0 thought into this, so it would likely not work at all. I’d recommend starting on the opposite square of the hanging pole, shoot your pre-load, knock the stars off the fence with the tip of an intake, and if time permits, hanging at the end. This seems like a viable, very high scoring auton.

Grrrr you gave away my auton plans… -_- (To be clear this is probably a common, but hard to use strategy and I’m joking.)

Have multiple auton routines so that I can complement my alliances auton, and so that the teams that I am against do not know what my robot is going to do.

It is too early for that. For my 1st two competitions, I am just planning on getting qualified for States. Since it is early on and most teams are just starting, I just want a high scoring auton (Relative to the skill level of everyone’s bots now) so that I have an edge from the start which I will keep up until the last 10 seconds, which I will dedicate to hanging (I am only doing it early season. It’s too risky later in the season.)

We start with a preload, move to get one of the 3 stars at the back of the field as well. Then put those over the fence. Provided the other team doesn’t touch that part of the fence we end up getting at least 3 stars over. Once we got all of the fence stars as well as the other 2.
And many variables determine how far they go into the opposing side.

But will be changing soon

Was considering pushing the stars off the fence then attempting to hang. Not entirely sure if we’d be able to do it in time, though.

We think we can do a lot during autonomous mode if we manage to get a fast drive driving around the field precisely, and not screw up the hang.

That was our other fear, that if we weren’t quick enough or we were off just enough to mess up the hang we would entirely botch autonomous. The other fear is if our ally’s autonomous requires them to move forward and we were to run into them it would mess both teams up.

Hanging is conceding the wall stars in most cases. I don’t think I would want to do that.

If my team’s robot works out the way I think it might, they’re going to shoot their preload right away and then drive up and flip as many stars over as time allows for.

It’s important to remember “swing” points. A star knocked off the fence is worth 1 point. That’s all. But a star scored from your far zone is worth 1-2 points and it subtracts two points from your opponent’s score. That’s a 3-4 point swing. If you clear out the three stars + one cube from the middle of your side and score them in the far zone, that’s a 20 point swing, not including your preload or any stars you knock off the fence in the process. That’s almost as much as all the stars from the fence plus a high hang, and these points are “permanent” were hanging in autonomous is only temporary. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

Good analysis @ET phone home Think about the points taken away too!

A few things:

A star knocked off the fence is only worth 1 net point if your opponent was not going to knock it off the fence in autonomous. If you beat your opponent to scoring this star, it is worth a net total of 2 points, at least. The effort to reward ratio here is rather low (very low effort / medium reward), and it is both an offensive and defensive action.

I honestly think scored stars / cubes are no more permanent than a hanging bonus in autonomous. The more you score early, the more pieces the opponent has available to return back to you. Establishing early momentum advantage is absolutely valid and very important, and so it is probably more valuable than hanging, but I would have no delusions of those points “sticking around” after auton.

Finally, an autonomous that scores 3 stars and 1 cube with a single robot is an extremely ambitious autonomous mode. It may very well happen, but a robot that can do this is a top-level contender. It is certainly far more difficult than moving a small distance, to the corner of a field (possibly the easiest place on the field to square up against) and activating a hanging mechanism. For some teams, hanging may be the easier way to contribute in auto.

I agree mostly. The biggest problem I see is this

I agree those points are not actually permanent, but it is up to your opponent to recover from them, were with hanging it is up to you to recover by getting down from the pole. Also hanging in auton is dangerous because if stars get thrown under you somehow, you are stuck up there and almost useless for the rest of the match.

Again, I mostly agree with you, just not on a few things.

I hadn’t considered the star under the hanging robot thing before you mentioned it, but that’s a fairly legitimate risk that needs to be considered.

If teams end up building shooters accurate and repeatable enough to put stars in specific places, I could see that being a huge teleop strategy, trying to clutter the hanging area with stars to slow a hanging team down.

That’s why a low hang is during autonomous is safe but a high hang might not be.

Right, but I think we can all agree that a low hang isn’t worth the time you would spend on it.

I guess that depends on how long you spend on it!