Autonomous points

We are a new division of the patapsco punisher 6274 team. We are know as 6274G. We are going to the competition at Hereford Highschool on the 21st of November 2015. We have fully functioning robot. We even have a working autonomous. We tested it five times. We have an average score of 9 points. We are concerned about if this is a good enough score for this far into the season.

9 points in autonomous. How do you manage that? What does your autonomous do. Also, you should probably try and get that up, but it will suffice for most competitions before state level.

Ours does min 20 points

9 points is more than most teams at most events can do. So I can’t make any guarantees, but I think you should win the autonomous bonus in most of the matches where you can score 9 or more. The best teams might be able to score 20 points pretty consistently, or possibly even more, but there will probably only be a couple of teams like that. 929W is on the team list for your event, and they’re pretty good, but don’t let that scare you because they’re not going to be representative of the teams at the competition.

The RobotEvents site is supposed to show the autonomous bonus winner for every official NbN match which would help us to get a more accurate estimate of autonomous scores, but that feature has been broken for years and so far I don’t think RECF have said that they will fix it.

I think 9 points should do you pretty well at least until you end up competing at a state level (as stated before its still higher than a lot of teams at the moment), Best of Luck at your competition :D.

Hello Patapsco_Punishers,
I will also be competing at Hereford high school on the 21st.
I’m going to tell you that 9 points probably won’t win you auton about half of the time.
A lot of teams like us already score 20 points and are looking to pick balls off the ground for more points.
However, If you are quite lucky you might be able to succeed through the qualifying round with a 9 point auton, however when the elimination round begins, depending of the effectiveness of you robot’s ability to field, I fear it won’t be enough to win auton and may even cost you some games because of it.
I would tell you to score 3-4 balls in the high goal for now, as It would level the playing field.

Not many teams in the world have an auton with greater than a 20 point average. Unless Maryland is some kind of statistical outlier where several teams are near the top of the curve and the bottom of the curve is nonexistent, then 9 points should be above average for teams in qualification matches. Every open event in most of the world has a large proportion of teams who don’t score in autonomous. I definitely don’t believe that the average team where you are averages 15-20 autonomous points.

I’m talking about qualifications specifically here. Including elimination matches introduces statistical bias and makes it hard to make comparisons.

In our last competition a large number if teams had had an autonomous and many times scoring 2-3 balls in the high goal was not enough.

As the season progresses, a nine point autonomous will become less adequate. However, as we currently stand, a 9 point autonomous should win you autonomous in the majority of your matches, dependent on where you compete.

That is adequate for the qualifying stages. However, for the elimination phase that is probably not good enough. We had a 40 point autonomous combined with our partner. (We each scored 3 balls in the high goal and won autonomous for 10 point bonus)

That’s really only a 30 point autonomous, as teams don’t generally count the bonus.

I’m honestly not sure because it is different depending on where your team is located. For instance, Cali which has some tough competition , has the top 20 teams scoring around 10-15 in auton, and the top 15-10 is scoring around twenty consistently. I don’t know how tough your state or region is, so it is hard to tell, but nine is pretty good at this stage.