Autonomous points

How many points can you all score in autonomous as of now we have on that will place our preload in the corner.

Also right now i am using the blocks version of vex code and i cannot figure out how to run 2 motors at the same time in the autonomous code ( We have a robot that has a claw and will put the cubes into a bed and the bed pivots up to make the stack this is powered by 2 motors)

To your first question: If you win autonomous you get 6 points+the 1 cube you got in your corner, if you don’t win autonomous you get 1 point.

We used to be able to score 5 points in auton (11 if you count the bonus). But as of right now, my team just finished our rebuild so we have not started programming

Why does my post have a “solution” next to it? (sorry totally unrelated)

I marked your post as “soulution” because it answered my question

Does anyone know how to fix the coding problem?

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Yes I do, I use blocks as well

You set up a drive train first, and then there is a block that says “move forward _____ inches”

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I understand that portion of it im trying to get 2 motors to run at the same time in autonomous

Do you have a drive train set up?

Yes we have a bed that hold 3 cubes and their are two motors connected to it with a arm to push it up and stack the cube, im trying to get these two motors to move at the same time to push the bed up.

I mean in the code. 20 characters

Yes i have all my motors including the drive train setup in the programing

So in your set of blocks on the left hand side is there a block that says “drive forward for blank inches”?

Yes i have the codes to drive i understand them

Hmm I don’t understand then. It might be a port connection problem.

Check that all motors are in correct ports in programming and on robot.

im not trying to get the drivetrain to move right now im trying to get these two motors to spin at the same time to lift up the cubes

ok gotcha. you can use a “if _____, then _____”