Autonomous Practice

I have just tried autonomous programming for the first time. Is there any way to practice this at our own practices?

Of course you can! Just use a minute timer.

You can do autonomous on the remote without the use of a field controller. You can do 15 second or skills.

If you are using V5, I’m assuming you are.

if you aren’t using v5 and you don’t have a field controller, you could also edit your program so that opcontrol runs the autonomous and use a minute timer. Just remember to put it back later

Although this will work, it isn’t necessary - ROBOTC will simulate the competition switch if you connect your controller to your computer using the programming kit.


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Yes we have V5, is there a button to push on the brain to have the autonomous program run?

Also sorry everyone, did not mean to mark this as Vex IQ

If you go to programs on the controller, then select your program, click on practice match and when you’re ready, press A and a 3 second countdown will start. If you want to do skills there should be a programming skills option. I prefer to use the competition switch and have a 15 sec/1 min timer ready to avoid the 3 second countdown everytime.

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