Autonomous problems…

My team’s skills autonomous is bugging out. It’s been working fine for a while, but half way through the program, it just stops. We have motor timeouts for everything, but it still stops. Any help? This is our robot.

Welcome to the forum. The robot photo is useful, but to solve code problems, you need to post code. if you type three `

in front of the code paste, it will format like code

maybe overhear? How many motor for each arm. When it stop, dose motors feel warm?

Make the program print a number to the brain at key parts In your code, then use those numbers to see if/where the program stops or see that the program runs through the whole code but just doesn’t do what you want. This is really good to see where the problematic line of code is, and narrow down the problem.


I fixed it, the motor time outs for the lifts were at .75 seconds each. You can only do 1 2 3 4 etc. thank you for your help.

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