Autonomous programing

I know that VEX floor tiles are 2 feet by 2 feet. I am trying to program our autonomous without the ability to test it. We have a competition tomorrow though. How long does it take in milliseconds for a simple 393 motor to travel the distance of aproximitly 1 and 1/2 tiles? I want to be able to get to the large ball infront of the starting tile.

We helped a team who had their approximately 10lb robot with 4 393 HS motors an 4" omni wheels do n autonomous. It runs 1 second to get from the middle starting tile to the big ball, backs up for 800 milliseconds and then after a 3 second pause for repositioning it runs another 1250 milliseconds to knock the second big ball down. Keep in mind that timed autonomous modes work fine if you keep the battery charged for each match,

What sbdrobotics said. Also, it will be difficult to pre-program a dead reckoned robot, especially without any prior testing. I would say just get yourself ready to get on a practice field early in the morning and crank it out quickly. Obviously, you should do as much planning as possible, but expect to have to reprogram each movement.

Motors all have slightly different characteristics and each robot travels at different speeds under full weight, which is why somebody can’t give you their dead-reckoned autonomous and expect it to work on your robot without having to redo almost all of the timings.

Thanks i apreciate it and will try that.

i understand that. We are prepared to have a general program up but know that it will need to be changed. You have to start somewhere to get somewhere.

If you had to guess, how much do you think your robot weighs?

And when you said simple motor, do you mean it is in torque, or is it geared for speed.

Remember the numbers posted here were from high speed motors which is not how they come out of the box. Multiply the numbers by 1.5 (1.6 for gear ratio and then minus a little bit because of excess torque means faster acceleration)