Autonomous programming idea?

Hey guys. I’m here posing an intriguing question for an autonomous program. Me and my team were brainstorming about auton ideas as we have a competition coming up this Saturday and we thought of this ‘gem’. What if there was a program that while you ran it would automatically replicate the driver control movements and return the autonomous commands for it? If anyone could help me on this it would be great.

As you might have imagined, this is a pretty common idea. It’s usually termed “rerun code”.

It takes a while to implement and usually gives worse results than an autonomous produced with regular methods for a similar time investment. It’s definitely not something you’re going to get working well by Saturday.


Ok thanks what we thought. Thanks so much for your response

Don’t know what type of robot you have, but you can do a simple forward then reverse for a 1-pt autonomous, or pick up the 4 row of cubes + preload on the unprotected side for a 5 point autonomous. Good luck at comp Saturday!

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