Autonomous programming

We have 2 motors to lift the arm of our clawbot. How can I program for both the motors to run simultaneously to lift the arm? Thank you in advance.

What language are you using for programming?

Also, are you concerned about autonomous (such as for programming skills) or teleop (teamwork and driver skills)?

Start and stop the motors at the same time. For example you might have 2 motors for drivetrain. Take a look at that. Issue the same command to both motors…

Set motor speed for motor1. On next line set motor speed for motor2. What you do for one motor, do to the other immediately.

We are using RobotC. This is for programming challenge.
Thank you for the responses.

RobotC graphical or text?

You can set/try this. Low power and 1 sec. Once you see it working, use higher power, etc… See the sample programs.

Just remember to check the motor directions/values to make sure both motors have the same direction (positive or negative values).
setMotorSpeed(leftMotor, 50); //Set the leftMotor (motor1) to half power (50)
setMotorSpeed(rightMotor, 50); //Set the rightMotor (motor6) to half power (50)
sleep(1000); //Wait for 1 second before continuing on in the program.
setMotorSpeed(leftMotor, 0); //Set the leftMotor (motor1) to 0
setMotorSpeed(rightMotor, 0); //Set the rightMotor (motor6) to 0