Autonomous Programs On the brain

I was wondering since I don’t have V5 yet, do I need to make 8 different programs to have 8 different autonomous programs and put them in each slot of the brain or is there a way to load autonomous files into the main program?

You would normally name 1 program that has 8 different autonomous functions and choose between them using whatever system you implement.

@tabor473 how do I program that into the brain. I’m guessing I have to pick on the screen correct?

You implement whatever system you want to use. You can even just download your program every match with a variable changed.

You can do it any way you want. One program with all the autonomous, or several programs that run individually. It’s all how you code it.

Is there a way to utilize the touchscreen on the brain to choose the autonomous?

Yes. Watch for touches in


and store information in global variables that


can refer to.

@jell0 Here is what Kselva wrote

Im not sure myself, if u figure it out tell me plz

@John TYler What do you mean watch for touches in the



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Since I moved to PROS, I think i may release my C++ Pro code of my menu screen which uses buttons sometime today.

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