Autonomous Remote Live Question

Hi, I recently participated in a remote-live competition, and our team’s autonomous points weren’t scored. We explained to the judges that we connected a row (not our home row) but they didn’t understand so they left it. Below is a picture of how we connected a row:

Screenshot (79)_LI

I’m not sure if you can see the picture, but basically, Goals G and H have a blue ball on top, hence they are owned by the blue alliance. However, in Goal I, which is on the blue alliance’s side, there is a red ball on top. But, our robot can intake the blue ball in front of the goal and score it on top of the red ball, which will allow the blue alliance to own that goal as well. Goals G, H, and I are all owned by the blue alliance after scoring the blue ball in Goal I. This means we connected the row (not the home row). And, in the Remote-Live competition, a connected row is worth 13 points. Do we get 13 points for our autonomous?

so you don’t earn any points during auton other than the autonomous bonus if you win autonomous. Points from balls and rows are scored at the end of a match, not at the end of auton. So if by scoring this row you win autonomous, then you would get 6 points. if not, you would get none.


Ok, so pretend our alliance wins autonomous and receives the autonomous bonus. Since I got 13 points in autonomous, those points don’t go anywhere?

That’s not what determines goal ownership for live remote tournaments:

Thus, whether you connected that row depends not just on what your robot did, but also on what the other 3 robots did.

Also - judges read and evaluate engineering notebooks, interview teams, and decide who wins judged awards like Design and Excellence. The people who score and officiate matches are called referees.


correct, points from goals and balls are totaled only at the end of the match.


Thank you for answering my question!