Autonomous Rules Question about riser reset

Hi All,

I’m looking at the game manual for Rise Above, and it specifically states that all risers being controlled by a robot during autonomous/drivers’ skills challenges have to be removed from the field if the robot is handled while controlling them. But, there is no ruling for or against resetting risers if a program doesn’t run correctly. The Q&A doesn’t open until May 11, so I thought I’d try to get opinions here.

I know the general rule of thumb is: if it isn’t expressly forbidden in the manual, it’s allowed. So, if my programmers run a program, and it doesn’t work, and they want to retrieve the robot, reset it, and try again, can they reset risers that are not “controlled?” i.e. they have been moved or knocked over, but are not being controlled by the robot.


No, once the match has started students can’t handle the risers, see rule G9:

Hands out of the Field. Drivers are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Field
Element, Riser, or Robots during a Match, except for the allowances in G17 and/or RSC5.

G17 and RSC5 do not make allowances for handling the risers.


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