Autonomous Running

We are in the process of programming our VEX Tumblers (EDR Platform), HOW do we get these to run in autonomous mode by themselves using C++ software.

There was a post with this exact question less than 24 hours ago, and it’s still in the most recent 20 threads with activity: VEX EDR Autonomous programming

To summarize the methods from there:

  • Write your code to start when the program starts and eschew driver control
  • Code the autonomous function to start at the press of a controller button
  • Use a competition switch to provide competition input to the controller

Any idea what C++ code looks like for autonomous control?

Well, it’s pretty much the same as driver control, the difference being you aren’t taking any outputs from the controller to control your bot. Instead, you code the motors to rotate to or move to a certain position so that you don’t use the controller to move it. Now, if you are trying to ask for autonomous code, that is not happening. This forum is for people to help each other, not to do the work for others. But I hope I did help explain how to write autonomous code.
PS: You may want to look into the VEX API to see most available commands. You might want to specifically use rotateTo and rotateFor

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