Autonomous score

watch at 1:10 - how did the Red win autonomous . It should have been a tie … correct ?

Red 10-8 by my calculation.


goofnrox beat me to it but i see it 10-8 red as well

The reason why you believe it is a tie is because technically both alliances scored the same number of points. Red getting 1 cap and 1 middle flag, and blue getting a park. However you aren’t counting swing points. The reason red won is because when the front robot toggled the middle flag, they did two things. They added 2 points for themselves, and TOOK AWAY AND DESCORED 2 from the blue alliance. This concept is called swing points.


@Echo_Robotics … you are correct … I didn’t count the swing points.
This means the middle and high are actually 4 points each compared to parking which is 3 points.

yup - the most confusing part for people who don’t score often is that both teams start with 7 and you have to make sure all is accounted for.

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Red wins autonomous.
red: three caps on ground (3 points)(three on floor w/ core touching
one low flag, two middle flags, one top flag (7 points)
blue: two caps on ground (2 points)(two on floor w/ core touching ground)
one low flag, one high flag, low parking (6 points)
autonomous score: red- 10 and blue- 8