Autonomous Scoring Cubes

During autonomous, do cubes on the poles count towards the points for the other team?

yes. all cubes count for both teams when they are placed

Cubes in towers increase the worth of all scored cubes of that color.

This is definitely a game where having lots of auton options could be key.

I think there’s a bit of misunderstanding here, as cubes never count as points in towers. All they do is multiply the value of the cubes in the scoring zone. If that’s what you mean, they do still affect the score in that way.

All cubes have a base score of 1 point. A point is added to the their base score for every cube of their color that is scored in a tower. However, the cubes in the tower have NO point value. For example, if you have 4 legally scored orange cubes in your scoring zones at 1 point each as soon as an orange cube is placed in a tower then your 4 orange cubes are now worth 2 points each, as will any orange legally scored cubes that your opponent has. If you have the VEX hun app, play around with the scoring, it is rather interesting.