Autonomous scoring question

Hey! Just had one question I cannot find the answer to;
If you had an autonomous that scored a mobile goal on a platform, would it be scored for autonomous?

No, putting the goals on the platform for auto does not give you anything.

read the game manual. Look at the scoring table 3.


It gives you more score for auton and helps determine whether you win auton WP and bonus, and then you have a mogo already on a platform

You don’t ever score anything involving the platform during autonomous, elevating robots and goals does not score for anything extra, they will just be scored for being in your home zone.

Although it doesn’t give you more score for auton, it can be an important strategical play in elimination matches where offloading is the key to your victory (it also will give you more time to focus on ring scoring).


Semantics really, it makes it more likely you would win auton bonus

?? Disagree… If you spend time balancing platforms with goals (which gets you 0 additional points for auton) then you are not spending that time scoring additional actual points, which will likely result in you losing auton.

No, it doesn’t. Assuming you get a neutral goal into your home zone (worth 20 points) and then you put that neutral goal on a balanced platform… You still get only the 20 points for having the goal in your home zone. If you are planning to use your alliance goal and put it on the platform, you are earning 0 additional points versus just leaving it sitting there… (although you should move it off the awp line and add rings to each anyway, to get the awp).


I am sorry but it does not count but if yo do every one would love you

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if you are wondering where the actual rule is, it is in score table 3:


well thanks
This is what i get for not reading the game manual before entering a topic.
Rats I really wanted to be right in this situation